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Hit Customers’ Bull’s Eye vs. Meaningless “Blah, Blah”

Does your marketing communication – including your product package, social media, truck panels, blog and paid advertising — have meaning for your prospects and customers?


I saw a food package with the tagline “Inspired by 100 Years of Family Recipes.” But what meaning does the manufacturer’s family recipe have for the consumers reading the package?  How does this bit of info address their needs?  What benefits does the typical consumer usually seek? Taste sensation; stomach satisfaction; nutrition; low cost; healthfulness; child appeal; easy preparation; good to serve to guests; or any combination of these? The message about 100 years of Family Recipes may have meaning for the manufacturer, but does it inspire purchase, trial, or even spur general consumer interest?  Does this food taste better on the purchaser’s tongue and in their stomach because the manufacturer has 100 years of family recipes?  Like Linus and Sally listening to the teacher, this communication is just a lot of “blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

This is observation is also true for a frequent pharmaceutical journal ad headline that touts, “Five million days of therapeutic efficacy.”  This message is intended to reassure physicians (in these litigious times) that prescribing a certain medication is proven and low risk, but this is message can work harder to share a more effective message to busy physicians about efficacy, patient satisfaction or another more meaningful benefit.

Consumers could care less that the food product is the vendor’s family recipe or that prescription drug has an ancient heritage. These companies are paying for ads and using valuable packaging “real estate” to promote messages that have little meaning. This is where objective marketing expertise can make a difference, to tie your all of your messages into powerful integrated marketing communications (IMC), and make them hit the bull’s eye.


Integrating your marketing communications is important, regardless of the industry, medium of presentation, or whether the target audience for the message is a prospect, established customer, B2B, end-use consumers, internal or external customers.  What meaning does your communication have for them?

Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIII-FM (“What Is In It — For Me”) This is even true when listing to your pastor’s sermon: Is their message oriented toward teens, seniors, parents, sinners, saints, false prophets, choir members or backsliders – and (you should ask,) what meaning does it have for you?

Author and consultant Daniel Decker, CEO of Higher Level Group, suggests:

“WIIFM is the stuff that shows how or why what you have to sell or say matters to those who you are trying to sell or say it too. It’s the value proposition, the thing that makes them realize that what you’re offering is worth their money or their time.

Many times those who are closest to the message have a really hard time with extracting the WIIFM. It’s not because they don’t know what it is… it’s usually because they know it too well.”

We are all pressed for time but as a marketing professional you must take the time to ensure that your communications are integrated and “hit the bull’s eye” by having meaning for your customers. Your vigilance will ensure that customers return to your product time after time.

Thank you for reading. I wish you continued success and excellence.


President, Excellence Zone Marketing Strategies, Inc.


Daniel Decker’s site: http://www.danieldecker.net/successful-marketing-starts-with-the-wiifm-factor/

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