Elevate your Writing for

Critical, Commercial and Artistic Success

Can you use an insightful coach to call forth your best writing?
Need a creative partner to “frost icing on your writing cake?”
Do you need motivation and energy when you run into snags?

Partner with an editor who gets you,

and “feels the flava” of your work.


Critiques — Evaluates the strengths, unity and appeal of your manuscript.
Line/copy editing — Ensure correct grammar, punctuation, facts, and thematic integrity.
Coaching — Remain focused, and on track with objective counsel during rewrites.
Marketing — Select your news release, query letter, synopsis, cover copy, promo materials, and promotion plan.


  • Dust jacket promotion copy
  • Query letters
  • Synopses
  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Speechwriting

“I really value the counsel that Judy shared to improve my story. She gave me a better,

objective perspective of my book, and now I feel it has 

more meaning and magical enjoyment for readers.”

– Chris Rader, Author


Approach — I act as your partner, coach, big sister, and team member who ensures your manuscript’s artistic, critical and commercial success.  I provide advice and insights gleaned from working with other authors, my work as a book reviewer, my love of reading, my own writing, and from my efforts to continually improve my services and make them valuable to my clients.  I care for your work as if it were my own.
Standards of Excellence – I instill the highest standards of excellence in my work. I edit your manuscript based on Modern Language Association (MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.
Practical Experience – My work for you is influenced by experience as a practitioner.  I am a professor of communications, instructing correct word usage, grammar, punctuation, and other language skills.  I also am a speechwriter and copywriter for numerous client projects.
Regular Communication — No surprises – You will always know where you are in the editing process via weekly status updates and pre-scheduled Skype teleconferences.
You Evaluate My Service – My business is built via referrals and repeat clients. You will evaluate my services after editing has been completed.
Time Frame — We can comfortably complete editing your manuscript in six to twelve weeks.
Marketing Background — One of my “extras” is my experience as marketing professional employed by Fortune 75 corporations. My marketing expertise has refined my sense of what will make your manuscript commercially appealing, and enables me to suggest targeted ways to promote your manuscript and your book.


F R E E,  T E N – P A G E   S A M P L E   E D I T


“Judy was truly a blessing in editing ‘The Ghost Studies.’ Her inspiration and knowledge provided an amazing critique of my book. Her guidance and patience helped to organize and structure five years of research

that provided the foundation of this book.”

– Brandon Massullo, author, “The Ghost Studies”

Book reviews by Judy Allen, member

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“Judy is a wonderful writing coach and confidante. Her patience and knowledge is helping me become the writer I desire to be.”  

— Taaji Rauf, MFA, Los Angeles, CA


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