Superior Employee Development  Eliminates Knowledge Gaps for Your Growing Business

What opportunities is your organization missing due to training gaps and under-performing employees?

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, can you afford to not develop employee talent?

“Thank you for your Excellence! The exceptional organization and communication of Ms. Allen made it easy to find success.  Her preparation shows that she goes the extra mile. The rest is just icing on the cake. Being prepared and proactive is a must in my life and I was grateful to have an instructor who does the same.”  

— Anita Pratt, student

EXCELLENCE ZONE custom designs a total employee development experience.  We close training gaps with an approach that makes learners’ feel respected and affirmed.
  • Use of adult learning principles
  • Selection of specific activities to reinforce content and maintain engagement
  • Creation of an atmosphere that lets learners relax, feel special, and have fun
  • Information is presented in bite-sized chunks to prevent “brain overload”
  • Time for learners to digest new learning is built-in
  • Pre-training communication to increase anticipation and show benefits of new learning
  • Post-training follow up, reminders and encouragement compel application of  learning

“Judy Allen is one of the best instructors and program facilitators I have encountered. Her preparation and intelligent approach help participants grasp new concepts, and her warmth and energy ensure they enjoy the process.” 

Ben Holbert, Principal, Holbert Enterprises, LLC., Mayor, City of Woodmere, Ohio



How EXCELLENCE ZONE brings joy to employee development.


“I have witnessed Judy’s drive for excellence, both as a training instructor and training consultant.  Lakeland’s Center for Business and Industry has been well served by her professionalism, detail orientation and thorough approach.”

— Gretchen Skok DiSanto, former Director, Center for Business and Industry, Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, Ohio


Business Communication – All aspects of effective business communication are reviewed: verbal, written and electronic.
Customer Service – We provide a toolbox of practical ideas that employees can use to increase mastery of customer interactions.
Employee Empowerment – Inspiring techniques to instill joy and empowerment in the workplace are covered.  Employees feel pride in their work and rediscover their own enjoyment.
Media Relations – Role plays for typical situations encountered ensure that your team represents your company accurately, effectively and with poise before traditional and social media.
Motivation – Employees will desire to be high performers and to act from their best selves in performing their work.

“Judith Allen’s communication reveals that she is a strong adherent of the principles of clear business communication that I profess. In addition to expertise, she brings a quality of charm to her work in this discipline.”

— Mary Ellen Guffey, EdD, Professor Emerita of Business, Los Angeles Pierce College, author of Business English, Essentials of Business Communication, and Business Communication: Process and Product

Your customers’ needs change at warp speed. If your employees cannot serve them, competitors will step up.

EXCELLENCE ZONE brings the strategy — and the fun – to effective employee development. Partner with EXCELLENCE ZONE for employee training — and let the excellence begin!