Excellence Zone Marketing Strategies, Inc. is 
the new model for marketing services
Agile ​| Responsive | Fast | Pro-active | Comprehensive
EZMS Mission:
Use our drive for excellence to advance your goals and ensure project success.
EZMS Vision:
Add value to every organization we serve.
“Six Word Story” Value Proposition:  
Need assistance?  Find creativity, partnership, excellence!

Excellence Zone’s Advantages
  • Minority business – female, African American

  • We accept all forms of payment

  • State of Ohio Certified

From Judy Allen, President, Excellence Zone Marketing Strategies, Inc.

As a business decision maker you are on the line and you’re responsible for getting results.
Allow Excellence Zone to ensure your success.
Our work for your firm is tailored to your project’s specific needs.
We have the experience, connections, resources and depth of knowledge
to take a project from concept and strategy to successful completion and evaluation.
We are here to serve you with the highest quality work
and we offer a variety of approaches, provided in a timely fashion for a reasonable fee.
Our services grow your customers, revenues and sales;
save time and money; and enhance your brand and image.
We are ready to help you grow. Contact us now and let your excellence begin.
One source. Tremendous convenience. Outstanding partnership. Terrific results.

FAQ for Excellence Zone Marketing Strategies, Inc.

  • What is a “Zone of Excellence?”
An approach to planning, preparation, execution, evaluation and interacting with clients and their clients that seeks the best outcome at every touchpoint.  
We offer value added extras beyond the stated assignment.
The “Zone of Excellence” is the result of our commitment, experience and desire to provide the best possible services.
  • What is EZMS’ competitive competency?
Excellence in a wide array of comprehensive services for growing businesses.
  • How do you ensure success?
Belief, planning horizon, best practices, research base and consultation.  
Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.
The will to prepare to win.
  • What is your background?
Trained in marketing via employment in Fortune 75 organizations.
  • What are your areas of expertise?
Marketing –Planning campaigns, design, strategy, execution, evaluation
Research – surveys, focus groups
Training –Use of adult learning principles, array of participatory reinforcement techniques
Communications – digital, written and verbal
Editing – Coaching, counseling, proofreading

From Judy Allen, President, Excellence Zone Marketing Strategies, Inc.

Excellence knows no barriers and has no limits.”

Excellence and high quality performance provide me with deep satisfaction.  I use my natural drive for excellence for your benefit by deploying the full range of professional marketing services you need to succeed. If I can provide solutions, add value, offer partnership, or direct you to resources, please contact me to soar into the “Zone of Excellence.”


  • “Next level” marketing
  • Strategic direction
  • Integrated messages that reinforce mission
  • Inspired employee performance
  • Ongoing, fresh communication






Twitter: @judithcallen

LinkedIn: Judy Allen

Facebook: @zoneofexcellence

Please visit frequently to discover

the next evolutions of excellence.  

Achieve Your Goals Now!

Soar into Your “Zone of Excellence”

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